Body Reconnect Tour - New York City 10/27
Body Reconnect Tour - New York City 10/27

Body Reconnect Tour - New York City 10/27

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Join Danielle Galvin - Fat Activist and Ashlee Bennett - The Body Image Therapist at a 5-hour dynamic workshop in New York City on Sunday, 27th of October, 1pm - 6pm at 307 West 38th Street Studio 1418, 14th floor, New York, NY 10018. This is the first of two dates in NYC.

Workshop Overview:

The Body Reconnect Tour (BRT) brings to six US cities a workshop all about you and your body - how to compassionately reconnect with it by exploring positive body image, embodiment, creativity, self-acceptance and social connection. It will be fun, relaxing, informative and most of all - healing.

Our workshop has three delicious parts:

Part 1 - Positively Embodied  (3 hours)

  • Facilitated by Art Therapist and Body Image Specialist Ashlee Bennett

  • Explore personal body image and embodiment with creative approaches

  • Gain insight and challenge your own unhelpful body ideals and internalised fat phobia/bias

  • Develop your creative/visual language and vocabulary for enhanced self-expression

  • Use the art making process as a way to self-soothe, a coping strategy and explore body acceptance/neutrality

  • Make your own body-positive ceramic sculpture (very suitable for beginners and non-creatives)

  • Connect with like-minded community and rediscover play for mental health

  • Non-judgemental space and size-inclusive

  • No art experience or talent needed

  • All materials supplied

Part 2 - Importancy of Peer Support (1 hour)

  • Group discussion led by Fat Activist Danielle Galvin

  • Informal discussion about Body Positivity and personal body image

  • Importancy of peer support in body positive spaces online and in real life

  • Information regarding the value of connecting with community online and in real life

  • Consensual and safe space sharing of lived experience and how that shapes our relationships with each other and body image within ourselves

  • Bonus dropbox link card of curated body image and peer support resources just for you

Part 3 - Informal Meet and Greet (1 hour)

  • Hang out with Art Therapist Ashlee Bennett and Fat Activist Danielle Galvin.

  • A chance to ask us questions, take photos if you wish, meet others and connect with like-minded people


307 West 38th Street Studio 1418, 14th floor, New York, NY 10018

We are so looking forward joining you from across the sea and in the flesh!

Ashlee + Dani